Who is the BOY.
第壱話 ひねくれた影
EPISODE:01 I've nothing to do.  [click]
第弐話 何者?
EPISODE:02 They are unexpected encounters.  [click]
第参話 夢・幻・泡・影
EPISODE:03 She didn't want to be.  [click]
第四話 顔色を窺ってまで生きる事の意義
EPISODE:04 Your life.  [click]
第伍話 さあ……
EPISODE:05 She had begun to take the first step.  [click]
第六話 碇シンジと言う少年
EPISODE:06 The Third Children.  [click]
第七話 余裕と強がりの、差
EPISODE:07 Beholder.  [click]
第八話 依存
EPISODE:08 She is trying to eliminate the distortions in The life.  [click]
第九話 生と性と正と聖
EPISODE:09 The origin of Love.  [click]
第拾話 時は流れて空気は重く
EPISODE:10 Are you Fool?  [click]
第拾壱話 帰国
EPISODE:11 What does she in the time...  [click]
第拾弐話 神話を紡ぐ者
EPISODE:12 He is an only one.  [click]
第拾参話 紅に染まる青
EPISODE:13 She hasn't smiled yet.  [click]
第拾四話 移ろい過ぎた時を越えて
EPISODE:14 That's why I'm like this.  [click]
第拾伍話 白濁
EPISODE:15 Each of them lives his own life according to his beliefs.  [click]
第拾六話 賢しきは人の愚かさ
EPISODE:16 Lure with bait.  [click]
第拾七話 不確定要素
EPISODE:17 She flew down and then up to here.  [click]
第拾八話 迷走台風
EPISODE:18 Do you still feel affection for...  [click]
第拾九話 守護天使
EPISODE:19 Bad Men.  [click]
第弐拾話 鋼の魂
EPISODE:20 Cry for your grief!  [click]
第弐拾壱話 けぶる世界
EPISODE:21 Where does this road lead to?  [click]
第弐拾弐話 運命の連環
EPISODE:22 Be may do...  [click]
第弐拾参話 逸る気持ち
EPISODE:23 She said to me...  [click]
第弐拾四話 行動原理は浅ましく
EPISODE:24 What do you want?  [click]
第弐拾伍話 憐憫
EPISODE:25 She likes him but she doesn't love him.  [click]
第弐拾六話 海獣
EPISODE:26 We can't hit upon a fantastic strategy.  [click]
第弐拾七話 力無き者達の共演
EPISODE:27 Shoot on the target.  [click]
第弐拾八話 正史《1》
EPISODE:28 Confusion factories.  [click]
第弐拾九話 正史《2》
EPISODE:29 Watch the movements of the group.  [click]
第参拾話 正史《3》
EPISODE:30 Restart of EVANGELION.  [click]
第参拾壱話 正史《4》
EPISODE:31 Starting for the next stage.  [click]
第参拾弐話 変調:pro・logue −外典 序章 第一節−
EPISODE:32 Deturn FILE.  [click]
第参拾参話 変調:pro・logue −外典 序章 第二節−
EPISODE:33 2010 AT MUSASINO CITY.  [click]
第参拾四話 変調:pro・logue −外典 序章 第三節−
EPISODE:34 He gets a brave Heart.  [click]
第参拾伍話 変調:pro・logue −外典 第一章 第一節−
EPISODE:35 Can you do it?  [click]
第参拾六話 変調:pro・logue −外典 第一章 第二節−
EPISODE:36 I want be free.  [click]
第参拾七話 変調:pro・logue −外典 第一章 第三節−
EPISODE:37 The wind has shifted to the cold.  [click]
第参拾八話 変調:pro・logue −外典 第二章 第一節−
EPISODE:38 I wish to leave...  [click]
第参拾九話 変調:pro・logue −外典 第二章 第二節−
EPISODE:39 He became a new man after getting survived.  [click]
第四拾話 変調:pro・logue −外典 第二章 第三節−
EPISODE:40 I don't care...  [click]
第四拾壱話 変調:pro・logue −外典 第三章 第一節−
EPISODE:41 A man investigated the truth about that organization.  [click]
第四拾弐話 変調:pro・logue −外典 第三章 第二節−
EPISODE:42 Meet the other.  [click]
第四拾参話 変調:pro・logue −外典 第三章 第三節−
EPISODE:43 I dare you.  [click]
第四拾四話 変調:pro・logue −外典 第三章 第四節−
EPISODE:44 Under those circumstances...  [click]
第四拾五話 変調:pro・logue −外典 第三章 第五節−
EPISODE:45 Fuck out!  [click]
第四拾六話 変調:pro・logue −外典 第四章 第一節−
EPISODE:46 The swindlers.  [click]
第四拾七話 変調:pro・logue −外典 第四章 第二節−
EPISODE:47 Frame a plot against society.  [click]
第四拾八話 変調:pro・logue −外典 第四章 第三節−
EPISODE:48 Set off fireworks.  [click]
第四拾九話 変調:pro・logue −外典 第四章 第四節−
EPISODE:49 You are my destiny.  [click]
第五拾話 変調:pro・logue −外典 第五章 第一節−
EPISODE:50 Where do you think you're going?  [click]
第五拾壱話 変調:pro・logue −外典 第五章 第二節−
EPISODE:51 How can I leave you alone?  [click]
第五拾弐話 変調:pro・logue −外典 第五章 第三節−
EPISODE:52 Don't do it please...  [click]
第五拾参話 変調:pro・logue −外典 第五章 第四節−
EPISODE:53 However did you find it?  [click]
第五拾四話 変調:pro・logue −外典 第五章 第五節−
EPISODE:54 I feel a premonition.  [click]
第五拾五話 変調:pro・logue −外典 第五章 第六節−
EPISODE:55 What's the meaning of the Arms?  [click]
第五拾六話 変調:pro・logue −外典 終章 第一節−
EPISODE:56 He is an involuntary closing of the eyes.  [click]
第五拾七話 変調:pro・logue −外典 終章 第二節−
EPISODE:57 Be strong!  [click]
第五拾八話 変調:pro・logue −外典 終章 第三節−
EPISODE:58 It is hard to find available capable persons.  [click]
第五拾九話 彼女の受難 起の章(1)
EPISODE:59 Make an attempt to deprive of the priviledge of Nerv.  [click]
第六拾話 彼女の受難 起の章(2)
EPISODE:60 A sad bell.  [click]
第六拾壱話 彼女の受難 起の章(3)
EPISODE:61 Product to you.  [click]
第六拾弐話 彼女の受難 起の章(4)
EPISODE:62 How can you talk such nonsense?  [click]
第六拾参話 彼女の受難 起の章(5)
EPISODE:63 Want you see and pray to...  [click]
第六拾四話 彼女の受難 起の章(6)
EPISODE:64 Everything was in confusion.  [click]
第六拾五話 彼女の受難 承の段(1)
EPISODE:65 Nothing comes easy.  [click]
第六拾六話 彼女の受難 承の段(2)
EPISODE:66 This is a perplexed problem.  [click]
第六拾七話 彼女の受難 承の段(3)
EPISODE:67 They lack commonsence.  [click]
第六拾八話 彼女の受難 承の段(4)
EPISODE:68 The child.  [click]
第六拾九話 彼女の受難 承の段(5)
EPISODE:69 Crazy pavement.  [click]
第七拾話 彼女の受難 承の段(6)
EPISODE:70 What is that?  [click]
第七拾壱話 彼女の受難 承の段(7)
EPISODE:71 The cry of that woe.  [click]
第七拾弐話 彼女の受難 承の段(8)
EPISODE:72 Listen to her suit.  [click]
第七拾参話 彼女の受難 転の節(1)
EPISODE:73 Take me to your paradise.  [click]
第七拾四話 彼女の受難 転の節(2)
EPISODE:74 Dancing the night away.  [click]
第七拾伍話 彼女の受難 転の節(3)
EPISODE:75 He is worried that she may do a bad thing.  [click]
第七拾六話 彼女の受難 転の節(4)
EPISODE:76 Hard works & Hard problem.  [click]
第七拾七話 彼女の受難 転の節(5)
EPISODE:77 The boy with dark eyes.  [click]
第七拾八話 彼女の受難 転の節(6)
EPISODE:78 Ghastly oscillator.  [click]
第七拾九話 彼女の受難 転の節(7)
EPISODE:79 A grown-up woman.  [click]
第八拾話 彼女の受難 転の節(8)
EPISODE:80 Believe me...  [click]
第八拾壱話 彼女の受難 転の節(9)
EPISODE:81 Now get a chance!  [click]


新世紀エヴァンゲリオンは(c)GAINAX の作品です。